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Certain training modules held in various facilities are offered as part of the course curriculums and projects, rather than training held directly through a facility. Courses within departments include training as part of the curriculum. 

When you are ready to begin your fabrication and manufacturing, Northwestern has a wide variety of facilities which offer various forms of training, depending on your requirements. Each facility operates different types of training, ranging from informal community learning, to formal one on one or group training seminars. The facilities that offer use of equipment (non-service based) are listed below, with details on training offered at each facility.

Departments which offer training through courses in various facilities:

Mechanical Engineering

MECH_ENG 240: Introduction to Mechanical Design and Manufacturing

MECH_ENG 333: Introduction to Mechatronics

MECH_ENG 340-1: Computer Integrated Manufacturing

MECH_ENG 340-2: Computer Integrated Manufacturing

MECH_ENG 395: Introduction to Robotics Laboratory

MECH_ENG 433: Advanced Mechatronics

Segal Design Institute

DSGN 106: Design Thinking and Communication

DSGN 240: Solid Modeling (1/2 unit)

DSGN 245: Intro to 3D CAD: NX I (1/2 unit)

DSGN 246: Intro to 3D CAD: NX II (1/2 unit)

DSGN 345: Computer Aided Manufacturing (1/2 unit)

DSGN 346: Design for Fabrication

DSGN 348: Rapid Prototyping

DSGN 360: Design Competition

DSGN 386: Manufacturing Engineering Design

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